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With the rise of on-demand and project-based positions, the future of work is flexible.

Office Hours partners with women and businesses to help achieve flexibility in the workplace.

Because here’s the thing.

Flexibility is not a perk. It is a business imperative that works with life and workplace demands. And as a bonus, it naturally helps eliminate the motherhood penalty, gender pay gap, and glass ceiling.

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Happy Client Feedback

“Partnering with Office Hours and the founder, Allie Hofer, has provided me with leverage and enabled me to focus on internal and more mission-critical initiatives.  Allie has led many strategic initiatives for us including salary and compensation studies, turnover and tenure analyses and also has led many training initiatives for our company. Her ability to jump in, lead, and participate in projects as a consultant is very impressive. She treats every project as if she were an employee, and not a consultant. Her value clearly outweighs the investment. She’s one of the best, smartest HR professionals I have ever worked alongside. Our company is better, more efficient, and more productive because we have Office Hours, led by Allie Hofer, on our team.”

-Chief People Officer, Hospitality

“Allie is a brilliant and compassionate Human Resource professional who is passionate about culture. She has a unique ability to strategically place herself several steps ahead of any issue or concern and find the right way to resolve any employee/labor relation or organizational issue. Allie is a leader in Human Resources and is able to anticipate and consult with managers on the most appropriate path for an employee or organizational issue. I am proud to have worked with Allie and look forward to continuing a working relationship with her in the future.”

-Chief Human Resources Officer, Higher Education

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